Aggregate investments of Industrifonden

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Average round investment:
7.73M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (17) 2016 (13) 2015 (13) 2014 (8) 2013 (5) 2012 (6) 2011 (6) 2007 (3)

71 tracked Nordic investments in 37 companies:

Norway poLight   18.8M 19M           37.8M
Sweden InDex Pharmaceuticals       20M     9.5M   29.5M
Sweden Airsonett         46.47M       46.47M
Sweden BoMill       2.72M         2.72M
Sweden OxThera   33.9M           18M 51.9M
Sweden Accedo               1.27M 1.27M
Sweden Avtal24     1.2M           1.2M
Sweden Starcounter 4.47M   1.8M           6.27M
Sweden inRiver 12M   10M   3M       25M
Sweden ScandiNova               2.82M 2.82M
Sweden Now Interact   5M   1M         6M
Sweden Fishbrain 3.64M   7.92M 2.4M 150k       14.11M
Sweden Funnel 10M       3M       13M
Sweden Widespace 3.69M 12M 2.3M     3.4M     21.39M
Sweden Mantex         4.51M       4.51M
Sweden Oatly   4.1M             4.1M
Sweden Athera 2.02M   2.82M           4.84M
Sweden Apica 12M     4.52M   5M 2.37M   23.89M
Sweden Burt             3M   3M
Iceland Meniga 7.94M               7.94M
Denmark Nuevolution           13.5M     13.5M
Sweden Qapital 7.5M 8.06M             15.56M
Sweden Barnebys 3.31M   5.67M     1.3M     10.28M
Sweden Nextory 3.39M 2.26M 2.43M           8.08M
Sweden BoneSupport   37M       9.9M 19M   65.9M
Sweden Soundtrack Your Brand 22M               22M
Sweden Trialbee     5M           5M
Sweden Clavister           5.94M     5.94M
Sweden Zaplox   1.77M         1.49M   3.26M
Sweden Fyndiq 3.56M     5.75M         9.31M
Sweden Fast Travel Games 2.1M               2.1M
Sweden Footway     6.25M           6.25M
Sweden AMRA 8.96M   1.25M 600k         10.81M
Sweden Adfenix 6.09M               6.09M
Sweden Sol Voltaics 21.3M 12.5M         6.32M   40.12M
Sweden GarantiBil       3.6M         3.6M
Sweden Soundtrap   6M             6M

* The totals are in USD.
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