IPR.VC (investor - Venture Capital)

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Preferred areas of investment:
Key People:
Timo Argillander, Tanu-Matti Tuominen, Tuomas Anottonen
Most business models preferred:
B2C (Retail) (4)
Average round investment:
2.48M USD

Unlike most media industry investors, who invest in media technology and platforms, IPR.VC is investing in media content.

IPR.VC invests in scalable cross media products, which can be licensed and transferred for other delivery channels and interfaces and they can be modified and licensed for new purposes. This is huge underserved market.

In the era of the Internet and new digital channels, IPR becomes a key source of value creation. IPRs can be scaled and monetized over a variety of channels, providing huge upside opportunity.

IPR.VC Management team track records in venture capital and media business includes content creation, creative direction, business management and investment management experience. For startups and content companies IPR.VC management’s knowledge, skills and attitude guarantees respective and helpful standpoint. For investors it will lead to quality deal flow and profit opportunities.

We see that Media IPR industry customer companies need specialized financing instruments and management skills. Content IPR investor must work more like a producer than a investment banker or a tech venture capitalist (although the same skills are needed). The Fund is founded to fulfill these needs and to capitalize the new business territory.

Traditionally VCs have invested heavily in mediatech, distribution platforms and software. The value and investments in the media industry is moving fast to the content IPR. We believe that the value of the target companies is in their product rights portfolio and the licensing and public viewing payments revenue. IPR.VC is supporting companies’ ownership and control for their IP’s.

4 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Finland LightneerAug 20175M9.02M
Finland Koukoi GamesOct 20161M2M
Finland LightneerSep 20163.16M9.02M
Finland LightneerApr 2016785k9.02M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
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