Aggregate investments of Tekes

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Average round investment:
2.33M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (19) 2016 (13) 2015 (13) 2014 (18) 2013 (5) 2012 (2) 2009 (1)

71 tracked Nordic investments in 62 companies:

Finland Shark Punch 1.73M             1.73M
Finland Nosto       5.5M       5.5M
Finland IroFit       200k       200k
Finland Momzie N/A             N/A
Finland Promo Republic 1.2M 492k 120k         1.81M
Finland Yepzon   1.12M           1.12M
Finland Thinglink         1.75M     1.75M
Finland Kieku Labs 476k             476k
Finland HLD Healthy Life Devices             N/A N/A
Finland Conexbird     728.56k         728.56k
Finland Jongla           1.5M   1.5M
Finland Smarp   3.39M 1.5M         4.89M
Finland Popit 1.42M             1.42M
Finland Sulapac 1.07M             1.07M
Finland Smartcart 906.48k   545.04k         1.45M
Finland CyberLightning       4.2M       4.2M
Finland TrademarkNow       3.5M       3.5M
Finland Stylewhile       430k   300k   730k
Finland Surveypal         N/A     N/A
Finland Transfluent       2M       2M
Finland Noccela       400k       400k
Finland Koukoi Games   1M           1M
Finland The Meal Planner 823k             823k
Finland Humap Software 1.4M             1.4M
Finland Aiven 1M             1M
Finland ResQ Club   450k           450k
Finland Musiclock     N/A         N/A
Finland Polku (SportSetter)         133k     133k
Finland Fourdeg         N/A     N/A
Finland Ouraring       525k       525k
Finland Robust North     N/A         N/A
Finland Blueprint Genetics       3.9M       3.9M
Finland Aurealis Pharma 5.8M     1.78M       7.58M
Finland     2.3M 580k       2.88M
Finland GrainSense   1.58M           1.58M
Finland Sharetribe       1M       1M
Finland MyNextRun     1.13M 580k       1.71M
Finland Altum Technologies   1.15M           1.15M
Finland Connected Finland 2.13M             2.13M
Finland Singa 1.96M             1.96M
Finland 720°       1.54M       1.54M
Finland BioMensio   2.65M           2.65M
Finland Traplight     1.38M         1.38M
Finland Two Men and a Dog       N/A       N/A
Finland Timma   645k           645k
Finland Web Microscope     1.7M         1.7M
Finland Playmore Games 1.8M             1.8M
Finland Synoste Oy         33M     33M
Finland LNGTainer 3.6M             3.6M
Finland TILT Biotherapeutics   10.63M           10.63M
Finland Kide Systems 1.09M             1.09M
Finland Teqmine 539.63k             539.63k
Finland MaaS Global Oy   2.5M           2.5M
Finland Iceye 13M             13M
Finland Freska 2.19M             2.19M
Finland Underhood   311k           311k
Finland Bonusway       850k       850k
Finland Oppex       1.5M       1.5M
Finland Nightingale Health   3.9M           3.9M
Finland Exaget     800k         800k
Finland OceanVolt     1.85M         1.85M
Finland Zero Keyboard     500k         500k

* The totals are in USD.
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