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21 companies found related to 21 tracked investments.
Total value of $34.43M and 2 investments with data unavailable.
CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value
Norway AIMS InnovationAlliance Venture, Inven2Security, Software Services2.5M
Norway Blue LiceAgriculture, Manufacturing260k
Norway BrandbassadorIsabella Löwengrip, Pingis HadeniusAdvertising, Media, Social NetworkN/A
Norway CatalystOneNeqstSoftware Services5M
Norway HudyaAdolfsen GroupMarketplace1.7M
Norway KahootCreandum, Microsoft Ventures, NorthzoneEducation, Gaming Industry, Mobile10M
Norway LawboticsAschehoug, Christian Printzell Halvorsen, Innovasjon NorgeLegal Services, Software Services280k
Norway MegacoolAlliance VentureGaming Industry1.5M
Norway Movie MaskGustav Magnar Witzøe, Tom Arnøy, Trond Riiber KnudsenHardware, Manufacturing, Video, VR, Wearable250k
Norway nLinkHiltiConstruction Industry, RoboticsN/A
Norway OiidKygoMobile, Music Industry1.67M
Norway OtovoAkershus Energi, OBOSEnergy7.12M
Norway PTXKnut DyremyhrHealth services, Mobile210k
Norway SammeveiMiklagruppen (Bavaria Nordic)Mobile, Transportation65k
Norway ScrimbaAlliance VentureEducation, Software Services60k
Norway ShorelineInnovasjon NorgeEnergy200k
Norway SpiffCathrine Lofterød Feght, Jan Christian OpsahlFinancial Services, Mobile1.06M
Norway The Alphabet KingInnovasjon NorgeEducation520k
Norway TruegroupsInnovasjon NorgeSocial Network, Software Services240k
Norway VilloidAndreas Randel, Investinor, Mikael RandelEcommerce, Fashion, Mobile1.67M
Norway VizdaBård Hall, NorInnova InvestConstruction Industry, Real Estate, Software Services, VR125k