The companies from the list below have received the largest investment rounds made in Scandinavia for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a specific country or a specific period.

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Denmark Unity TechnologiesGaming Industry, VRMay 2017400M
Denmark NetlifySoftware ServicesAug 201712M
Denmark LabsterEducation, Software Services, VRSep 201710M
Denmark LogPointSecurity, Software ServicesApr 201710M
Denmark GAN IntegritySocial ResponsibilityFeb 20179M
Denmark RFRSH EntertainmentGaming Industry, Sports IndustryJun 20178.13M
Denmark PixelzSoftware ServicesNov 20177M
Denmark TrustpilotCompetitive IntelligenceJan 20176.9M
Denmark PeakonCompetitive IntelligenceMar 20176.59M
Denmark Lix TechnologiesEducationAug 20175.36M
Denmark GoMoreTransportationMar 20175.34M
Denmark LunarWayFinancial Services, MobileMay 20175.13M
Denmark Hungry GroupHospitalityMar 20174.32M
Denmark NeurescueHealth services, ManufacturingApr 20173.72M
Denmark PleoPayment processingFeb 20173.25M
Denmark MobaroHospitality, Mobile, RetailMay 20173M
Denmark SoundboksHardware, Music IndustryJun 20173M
Denmark AntagBiotech, Health servicesJun 20173M
Denmark TonsserGaming Industry, Mobile, Social Network, Sports IndustryJul 20172.84M
Denmark SpektralSoftware ServicesJun 20172.8M