The companies from the list below have received the largest investment rounds made in Scandinavia for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a specific country or a specific period.

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Finland Blueprint GeneticsHealth services, Software ServicesJul 201715.96M
Finland IceyeHardware, Manufacturing, Software ServicesAug 201713M
Finland EnevoCleantech, Energy, WearableSep 201712M
Finland Aurealis PharmaBiotech, PharmaAug 20175.8M
Finland LightneerEducation, Gaming IndustryAug 20175M
Finland IndoorAtlasManufacturing, Mobile, RetailAug 20174.3M
Finland SpecimManufacturingAug 20174.13M
Finland LNGTainerEnergy, ManufacturingSep 20173.6M
Finland ValossaSoftware Services, VideoSep 20172M
Finland InjeqHealth services, ManufacturingJul 20171.88M
Finland Playmore GamesGaming IndustryJul 20171.8M
Finland Shark PunchGaming IndustryAug 20171.73M
Finland Health InvestCompetitive Intelligence, Health services, Software ServicesAug 20171.5M
Finland MeetingpackageEventsSep 20171.43M
Finland BrellaEvents, Software ServicesAug 20171.42M
Finland PopitHardware, Health services, Manufacturing, Mobile, WearableAug 20171.42M
Finland AivenSoftware ServicesAug 20171M
Finland PanzerdogGaming IndustrySep 2017959k
Finland The Meal PlannerFood Industry, Health servicesJul 2017823k
Finland CammentSoftware Services, VideoJul 2017756k