Ask for advice

Nordic 9 mission is to provide a platform with relevant information and advice for and about startups and investors from Scandinavia. We're here to help, especially the entrepreneurs at the start of their journey and looking around on making ends meet.

We have been receiving a fair amount of questions from people looking for specific startup answers, from basics on how to get it off the ground to asking for feedback on the pitching deck, advice and details about investors, introductions or even funding requests.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know exactly how valuable is the support from knowledgeable people and how asking the right people the right questions saved us lots of time and money.

We would like to do more in this sense and think that a first helpful step would be to formalize giving feedback in a more structured way. It works like this:

- you tell us some specifics about what you're trying to build
- you tell us what you would like our help with
- we get back to you with a specific answer.

All these in this short application (you need to be logged with a Google account).

We will need 24-48 hours (working days) for getting back to you.