Early stage investors in the Nordics - pre seed and seed options. A cheat sheet guide.

15 June 2020 Euro Lists
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Early stage investment can be important in the further development of a company, if you're running a startup either in the Nordics or anywhere in the world. It's not only the money but also the network access and open doors that presumably the investors can make available for you. 

The Nordic investment ecosystem at early stages is rather fragmented and unstructured. Not that surprising though, after all, outside the local startup bubble, being an entrepreneur is still an exotic thing in the Nordics and this is strongly correllated with the level on the buying side aka investors.

However, Nordic founders have options, as there is a certain range of early investors which are active at pre seed and seed levels throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland and sharing a few of the following traits: active, smart, nice, with good record and easy approachable.

It's hard to find one combining all of them and add to that network access, which is not a differentiator any longer (it is a prerequisite), but we think the atitude and knowledgeable support for (international) scaling make the difference for choosing an early stage investor and having a future with them.

Please note that we don't refer to the angel investors* but rather to companies backed by one or more LPs, even though most could be one or two person companies, family operations or companies made of groups of angels etc.

And so, we looked into our database and the results indicate the following numbers for investment transactions less than $1M:

transactions: 301 deals | $141M
active investors: 370

H1 2020:
transactions: 143 deals | $58.3M
active investors: 214

We have analysed those lists and have made a proper selection of 50 investors and their contact details, good options to evaluate when looking for raising at early stages startups in the Nordic area.

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Access the Pre seed and seed investors active in the Nordic countries report


* Now, at this stage, except for accelerators (see a comprehensive list of Startup accelerators in the Nordics) and the 3Fs (friends, family, fouls) you can also explore the angel investment option, which is a bit tricky as those guys are usually a heterogenous bunch working in closed circles, accessible usually via recommendations, or/and subject to their moody subjective reaction of cold approaching them.