Nordic highlights from June 2018.

18 July 2018 Insights
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June 2018 in the Nordics marks the same slower investment pace as the average of the first five months of the year.

- We recorded 83 investments for the month of June, 10 less than the 93 deal number from our database in the same month of the previous year. As expected, Sweden was in the front seat, with 41 deals.


- All in all, the first half of 2018 had a 20% decrease in the number of investments, 438 compared to 546 from the first half of 2017.


- The absolute value however was higher in 2018, due to the increased dealflow of the later stages investment deals - 1.88bn vs 1.55bn. Even more, first half of 2018 saw almost double the number of $20M+ investments versus previous year (18 vs 10) with a delta of almost $300M.

- Interestingly enough, going even deeper in the past years, the number of deals in Q1+Q2 2018 was even lower than the activity in the first half of 2016, even though the money spent for investments is $1bn higher this year. Some of the investments from previous years started to mature and need scale money.



- getting back to the month of June 2018, half of the dealflow, 44 transactions, was between 500k and 5M, 28 of which were in the 1-5M bracket. 15 investments had undisclosed amounts.

- top of the table: Kry ($66M), Gelato Group ($20M), On Robot ($15.6M), Goodbye Kansas ($12M), Azelio ($11.4M), Bynk ($11.2M).

- most active investors: Creandum, Collector Ventures, Luminar, Icebreaker, E14 Invest and a foreigner - Index Ventures (Kry - $66M and Rebtel - $8M). Each with announced 2 announced investments.

- there was no angel with more than one investment announced for the June 2018.

As always, we have plenty of interesting data points, tables and graphs available here.