5 key take aways and 10 graphs about Nordic investments for Q3 2018.

11 October 2018 Insights
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As we wrap up the deals for the month of September, its time to have a look at the big picture of the third quarter of the investment deals from Scandinavia from 2018.

Key take aways:

i) The number of investment deals in the Nordic countries is at an all time low from any Q3 in the past 4 years

ii) However, the Q3 value of those deals is the second largest in 4 years, underlining the larger trend of a slower investment pace, with fewer deals made at later stages in the Nordic countries in 2018. Fwiw, the entire dollar investment in 2018 is already at around the same level of 2017, which was at an all time high.

iii) This can be easily observed as the number of the deals less than $1M is the lowest of all Q3s from the past 4 years: 56 transactions.

iv) Most of the investment transactions from Q3 2018 were between $1 and 5M, which usually in this part of the world is either a series A round, or a larger followup seed round.

v) Most of the investment value for the period comes from the total number of transactions at the $10-20M @ almost $190M. It is the highest value from all the Q3s since 2015.

Number of investments by country

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Value of investments by country ($M)

Investment distribution number

# Investment distribution value

Top industries by investment value

Top companies by investment value

All the data is available here and the comparison graphs were made using the tools from here.

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The data takes into consideration the venture investment transactions from the Nordic companies which were publicly announced for September 2018. As we update our data on daily basis, in the future those numbers may differ from what you can find in our databases. The above graphs are updated in real time and reflect data as is.

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