The most active angel investors from the Nordic countries in the first half of 2019.

24 July 2019 Euro Lists
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We had a look at an intermediary situation from six months of tracking the angel investors activity from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland in 2019.

We tracked a total of 251 angel investors active in financing deals throughout the Nordic countries in the first part of 2019. Out of those, 29 angel investors were involved in at least 2 transactions. Below, you can find a list with the most active angel investors involved in at least 3 deals.

Jesper Buch: 4 transactions
Johan Blomquist: 4 transactions
Cristina Stenbeck: 4 transactions
Leena Niemistö: 3 transactions
Bo Mattsson: 3 transactions
Boel Rydenå-Swartling: 3 transactions
Josefin Landgård: 3 transactions

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