Most active investors and largest investment transactions in the Nordics for September 2018.

05 October 2018 Insights
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September came to an end and it is time to wrap up the numbers and look at the perfomers of the month from the Nordic countries. Don't forget to check also 10 interesting deals in the Nordics from September.


Scandinavia - 50 investment deals

 Min Doktor - $37M
 Guide to Iceland - $20M
 Inovia - $16.6M
 MakerDAO - $15M
 CarHeal - $8.5M

 Sweden - 23 investment deals

Min Doktor - $37.01M
Inovia - 16.56M
Joint Academy - $7.18M
ftrack - $3.5M
Ilya Pharma - $3.49M

 Denmark - 11 investment deals

MakerDAO - $15M
Carheal - $8.46M
RSP Systems - $4.45M
BioPhero - $3.53M
Grandhood - $3.15M

 Finland - 9 investment deals

Nosto - $7.4M
Forendo Pharma - $4.62M
Digital Workforce Nordic - $3.49M
Goodio - $1.75M
New Nordic School - $1.4M

 Norway - 4 investment deals

Confrere - $1.5M
ContinYou - 1.34M
Decisions - $1.3M

 Iceland - 3 investment deals

Guide to Iceland - $20M
TripCreator - $8M
1939 Games - $1.97M

Most active investors in Scandinavia (at least 2 deals)

Almi Invest (Sweden) - 5
Alfvén & Didrikson (Sweden) - 2
Novo Seeds (Denmark) - 2
The Nordic Web Ventures (Denmark) - 2
The Nordic Angel Program - 2

Other notable institutional investors: OpenOcean, Verdane Capital, Innovestor
Other notable angel investors: Anders Borg, Leena Niemistö, Bo Mattsson, Sophia Bendz, Sven Hagströmer.

The data takes into consideration the venture investment transactions from the Nordic companies which were publicly announced for September 2018. As we update our data on daily basis, in the future those numbers may differ from what you can find in our databases.

Venture investment data is available here, M&A and private equity deals here, investors here and companies here.

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