What are the top investors in Scandinavia in the first half of 2019.

22 July 2019 Euro Lists
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After compiling the first six months of 2019 with the investment deals in the Nordic countries, we made a preliminary* situation with the most active investors in the region.

We tracked a total of 647 investors active in at least one transaction with companies from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. We tracked 452 investment deals for the first half of 2019.

From the total number of 647, 251 were angel investors and 196 venture capital companies. 48 investors were from outside Scandinavia - that is a mere 7.4%.

134 investors were involved in at least 2 transactions, 20 in at least 3 deals and 16 in at least 4. Below we have a list with the most active investors which were part in at least 5 transactions.

Almi Invest: 30 transactions
Business Finland: 11 transactions
VF Venture (Vækstfonden): 9 transactions
Schibsted Growth: 8 transactions
Inventure: 7 transactions
Lifeline Ventures: 6 transactions
Northzone: 5 transactions
Seed Capital: 5 transactions

*As there is a certain delay in updating deals throughout the year, the 2019 first half aggregated figures may be different six months from the time of writing this report. Numbers don't include investors active in secondary transactions, treated separately.

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