Automat by Neue Labs (private company)

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Fashion Wearable
Business model:
B2B B2C (Retail)
Key People:
Anders Björk

Total investments received (USD) - 110k

Automat is a hardware and software platform for makers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, studios and agencies. We wanted to create a tiny, flexible device that could act as a platform for different types of devices.

The Automat baseboard is the size of a zipper and can be integrated into almost everything like clothes, furniture, cars and more. It transmits data to your phone or local server and receives input from the source you choose.

Neue Labs is part of the European EIT Digital accelerator and won Almi Invests Internet Discovery Investment of the Year 2015.

Automat is a device that can send data from its inputs or sensors. Receive data directly or pass it on to its outputs. The intelligence and calculations are taken care of on your phone, in the cloud or on a local server. Automat can connect your music instruments, clothes, game controllers or headphones to name but a few examples.

Over the last three years we have spent a lot of time figuring out the optimal hardware setup. We spent a lot of time on the tiny details.  Like the black shielding with the etched logo. Every component is subject to the same attention to detail.

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