Aggregate investments of Lifeline Ventures

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Average round investment:
4.11M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (10) 2016 (11) 2015 (12) 2014 (7) 2013 (5) 2012 (2) 2011 (1) 2010 (1)

49 tracked Nordic investments in 33 companies:

Finland Valkee         9.7M     560k 10.26M
Finland Uplause             N/A   N/A
Finland Wolt   12.4M 2.25M 450k         15.1M
Finland Optomeditech Oy       2.5M         2.5M
Finland Sulapac 1.07M               1.07M
Finland Everywear Games     2.82M           2.82M
Finland Dispelix   1.93M             1.93M
Finland TrademarkNow       3.5M 400k 250k     4.15M
Finland Iceye 13M   2.8M           15.8M
Finland Stylewhile       430k 850k 300k     1.58M
Finland Varjo 8.2M               8.2M
Finland Umbra     3.4M           3.4M
Finland Kontena   N/A             N/A
Finland Aiven 1M               1M
Finland Mindfield Games       375.25k         375.25k
Finland Digital Workforce Nordic 2.15M N/A             2.15M
Finland Ouraring     2.3M           2.3M
Finland OneMind Dogs     460k           460k
Finland Sharetribe       1M         1M
Finland Synoste Oy   N/A 2.6M   33M       35.6M
Finland Altum Technologies   1.15M             1.15M
Finland The Curious AI Company 3.67M   1M           4.67M
Finland Vizor 2.3M               2.3M
Finland Arex   3.33M             3.33M
Finland Smartly     2.7M           2.7M
Finland CallStats   3M             3M
Finland Enevo 12M   15.8M 8M 2.4M       38.2M
Finland TILT Biotherapeutics   10.63M             10.63M
Finland Meru Health (Blooming)   330k             330k
Finland Maplet   166.5k             166.5k
Finland Minima Processor 4.4M               4.4M
Finland Ambronite     600k           600k
Finland Portyr N/A               N/A

* The totals are in USD.
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