Investments of Northzone

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Average round investment:
8.84M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (13) 2016 (13) 2015 (17) 2014 (10) 2013 (1) 2012 (4) 2011 (2) 2008 (1)

61 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Finland Happy Or NotOct 201714.5M14.5M
Finland NeverthinkSep 20171.3M1.4M
Denmark LabsterSep 201710M13.67M
Norway KahootJul 201710M26M
Sweden StickyMay 2017N/A11M
Sweden FyndiqMay 20173.56M16.31M
Sweden FishbrainApr 20173.64M14.11M
Sweden QapitalMar 20177.5M18.86M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandFeb 201722M36.2M
Sweden WidespaceFeb 20173.69M21.39M
Norway Fuse (Outracks)Jan 201712M18.75M
Sweden SqoreJan 20173.36M6.86M
Sweden NA-KDJan 201714.66M21.09M
Sweden QapitalDec 20164.5M18.86M
Sweden MatsmartNov 20163.9M8.1M
Norway KahootSep 201610M26M
Sweden iZettleSep 201615.97M236.67M
Finland ZervantAug 20164.4M8.5M
Sweden AevyAug 2016950k2.45M
Sweden Universal AvenueJul 201610M16.7M
Sweden CryexMay 20162.6M18M
Sweden BloglovinMay 20164.23M18.62M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandMay 20163.3M36.2M
Finland SupponorApr 201610.19M34.28M
Sweden QapitalFeb 20163.56M18.86M
Sweden WidespaceFeb 201612M21.39M
Sweden MatsmartDec 20153.6M8.1M
Sweden WidespaceDec 20152.3M21.39M
Sweden BloglovinOct 20153M18.62M
Sweden QapitalOct 20151.5M18.86M
Denmark LinkfireSep 20152.6M2.6M
Sweden Universal AvenueAug 20155M16.7M
Finland SeriouslyAug 201518M28M
Sweden FishbrainJul 20157.92M14.11M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandJun 201510.9M36.2M
Denmark TrustpilotMay 201573.5M123.8M
Sweden AevyMay 20151.5M2.45M
Sweden CryexMay 201510M18M
Sweden FootwayApr 20156.25M6.25M
Sweden StickyApr 20155M11M
Sweden SqoreFeb 20153.5M6.86M
Sweden VionlabsFeb 20152.75M5.4M
Norway Fuse (Outracks)Jan 20152.8M18.75M
Sweden QapitalDec 20141.3M18.86M
Sweden BehavioSecDec 20145.6M7.32M
Denmark AllUniteNov 20143.7M6M
Sweden FyndiqNov 20145.75M16.31M
Sweden FishbrainJul 20142.4M14.11M
Norway Fuse (Outracks)Jun 20143.5M18.75M
Sweden iZettleMay 201455.5M236.67M
Finland BoomlagoonMay 20143.6M3.6M
Sweden BloglovinApr 20147M18.62M
Denmark TrustpilotJan 201425M123.8M
Sweden Nuday GamesDec 20131.8M1.8M
Denmark TrustpilotDec 201213M123.8M
Sweden iZettleOct 201231.4M236.67M
Sweden WidespaceJun 20123.4M21.39M
Sweden StickyMay 20123M11M
Sweden ArtfinderDec 20111.45M1.45M
Denmark TrustpilotNov 20114.5M123.8M
Finland SupponorSep 20086.7M34.28M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
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