Investments of Tekes

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Average round investment:
2.55M USD
Average number per year:
2018 (1) 2017 (28) 2016 (13) 2015 (15) 2014 (18) 2013 (9) 2012 (3) 2011 (1) 2010 (1) 2009 (1)

90 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Finland Polka Dot StudiosJan 2018650k650k
Finland VarjoNov 20176.7M14.9M
Finland VibeCatchNov 2017712.3k712.3k
Finland EatAndTheCityNov 20173.85M3.85M
Finland Koivua Oy / OGOshipOct 2017N/AN/A
Finland BetuliumOct 2017N/AN/A
Finland SPOT-A-SHOPOct 20171.17M1.17M
Finland NeverthinkSep 20171.3M1.4M
Finland The Curious AI CompanySep 20173.67M4.67M
Finland Kodit.ioSep 2017N/AN/A
Finland LNGTainerSep 20173.6M3.6M
Finland AivenAug 20171M1M
Finland Kieku LabsAug 2017476k812k
Finland Shark PunchAug 20171.73M3.19M
Finland Aurealis PharmaAug 20175.8M11.08M
Finland PopitAug 20171.42M1.42M
Finland IceyeAug 201713M15.8M
Finland The Meal PlannerJul 2017823k1.16M
Finland Playmore GamesJul 20171.8M2.07M
Finland Promo RepublicJun 20171.2M1.91M
Finland SingaJun 20171.96M2.61M
Finland FreskaMay 20172.19M2.19M
Finland TeqmineApr 2017539.63k539.63k
Finland Humap SoftwareApr 20171.4M1.4M
Finland SulapacApr 20171.07M1.07M
Finland SmartcartMar 2017906.48k1.45M
Finland Kide SystemsMar 20171.09M1.09M
Finland Connected FinlandMar 20172.13M3.25M
Finland MomzieMar 2017N/AN/A
Finland Altum TechnologiesDec 20161.15M1.15M
Finland TILT BiotherapeuticsDec 201610.63M10.63M
Finland BioMensioNov 20162.65M2.65M
Finland TimmaNov 2016645k645k
Finland Koukoi GamesOct 20161M2M
Finland Nightingale HealthAug 20163.9M6.14M
Finland Promo RepublicJul 2016492k1.91M
Finland YepzonJul 20161.12M4.36M
Finland SmarpJun 20163.39M5.46M
Finland ResQ ClubMay 2016450k450k
Finland UnderhoodFeb 2016311k421k
Finland GrainSenseFeb 20161.58M1.58M
Finland MaaS Global OyFeb 20162.5M19.4M
Finland SmartcartDec 2015545.04k1.45M
Finland Promo RepublicDec 2015120k1.91M
Finland TraplightDec 20151.38M4.58M
Finland Senzo ITNov 2015N/AN/A
Finland Giosg.comOct 20152.3M2.88M
Finland Web MicroscopeOct 20151.7M7.65M
Finland ConexbirdOct 2015728.56k728.56k
Finland Zero KeyboardSep 2015500k500k
Finland SmarpAug 20151.5M5.46M
Finland MyNextRunMay 20151.13M2.13M
Finland OceanVoltApr 20151.85M1.85M
Finland TactoTekFeb 20157M27.88M
Finland MusiclockFeb 2015N/AN/A
Finland Arilyn (Robust North)Feb 2015N/AN/A
Finland ExagetFeb 2015800k800k
Finland StylewhileDec 2014430k1.58M
Finland Giosg.comDec 2014580k2.88M
Finland OuraringDec 2014525k8.12M
Finland OppexNov 20141.5M4.11M
Finland SharetribeNov 20141M1.16M
Finland Aurealis PharmaOct 20141.78M11.08M
Finland 720°Oct 2014245k1.54M
Finland NoccelaSep 2014400k2.28M
Finland Two Men and a DogSep 2014N/AN/A
Finland Blueprint GeneticsAug 20143.9M26.66M
Finland CyberLightningAug 20144.2M4.2M
Finland NostoJul 20145.5M8.3M
Finland 720°Jun 20141.3M1.54M
Finland MyNextRunMay 2014580k2.13M
Finland TrademarkNowMay 20143.5M7.68M
Finland BonuswayMar 2014850k6.6M
Finland IroFitFeb 2014200k800k
Finland TransfluentJan 20142M4.15M
Finland Synoste OyNov 201333M35.6M
Finland ThinglinkOct 20131.75M3.05M
Finland TrademarkNowAug 2013400k7.68M
Finland Polku (SportSetter)Jul 2013133k1.85M
Finland FourdegJul 2013N/AN/A
Finland TactoTekJun 20133.3M27.88M
Finland SurveypalMay 2013N/A1M
Finland BitBarApr 20133M3M
Finland CanatuMar 201312M43.5M
Finland JonglaSep 20121.5M12.57M
Finland StylewhileJul 2012300k1.58M
Finland TactoTekJan 20121.97M27.88M
Finland TactoTekJun 2011460k27.88M
Finland CanatuSep 20106.12M43.5M
Finland HLD Healthy Life DevicesNov 2009N/A1.6M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
** Click on the company for its details and on the round amount for the investment details.