Recently funded in Finland

CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value (USD)
Finland ValpasIcebreaker, Maki VC, Reaktor VenturesHardware, Health services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Wearable580.45k
Finland Service-FlowInventureIndustry agnostic, Software Services1.28M
Finland Haja NetworksBigchainDB, Creathor Venture, Outlier Ventures, Polychain CapitalBlockchain, Software ServicesN/A
Finland PlantuiLiisa Leino, Mikko Kodisoja, Tapio PajuharjuAgriculture, Food Industry1.07M
Finland Kuoriinsmat, Business FinlandHardware, Manufacturing1.18M

Largest investments in Finland in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Finland HMD GlobalManufacturing, TelecomMay 2018100M
Finland IceyeHardware, Manufacturing, Software ServicesMay 201834M
Finland Hintsa PerformanceEducation, Mobile, Software ServicesJun 20187.98M
Finland AdministerFinancial ServicesJun 20185.9M
Finland Giosg.comCompetitive Intelligence, Online marketingMay 20185.3M

Most active investors in Finland in the last 30 days

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Finland Business FinlandVenture Capital2.40M3
Finland IcebreakerVenture Capital652.22k2
Finland Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment)Venture Capital34M1
Finland Conor Venture PartnersVenture Capital19.6M1
Finland Pontos GroupPrivate Equity7.98M1

Industries from Finland with the most funding in the last 30 days

NameValue of transactionsTransactions
Software Services44.11M7
Health services5.97M3

Active regional clusters in Finland in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Finland HelsinkiSoftware Services (4), Education (2), Health services (2)21.89M8
Finland EspooManufacturing (3), Hardware (2)139.85M4
Finland OuluSoftware Services (1), Blockchain (1)N/A1
Finland TurkuFood Industry (1), Agriculture (1)1.07M1
Finland LappeenrantaSoftware Services (1)N/A1