ActInSpace in Sweden

Luleå and Trollhättan
Sweden 24 - 25 April 2020
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ActInSpace in Sweden is  an exciting hackaton and a chance to get engaged in the exciting teams that will work hard to solve Challenges from Space-related industries, and by doing that creating great startup-ideas. Unleash your entrepreneurial potential!

In Luleå at the premises of Arctic Business in Luleå. In Trollhättan at the premises of Innovatum Startup. The winners from each of the cities wil be up for the Swedish final. We hope to see you at ActInSpace Sweden the 25 and26 of May, in Luleå or in Trollhättan.

ActInSpace is a unique opportunity for participants worldwide to work on creating business prospectives for the challenges by the use of patents, technologies and satellite data made available by CNES, ESA, Airbus and all our partners to create start-ups.

The challenges are based on high-level technologies, which nevertheless are easy to re-use because they have been selected due to their potential for commercial applications.

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