AI in content marketing (Text, visual and 3D animation) & Integrate with VR...

Oslo / MESH, Tordenskiolds gate 3
Norway 27 May 2019
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We will discuss how traditional marketing techniques such as captivating storytelling, entertaining, inspiring multimedia content and marketing psychology can be automatically generated using AI (Artificial intelligence) combined with the latest immersive, interactive tech such as AR/VR and deliver at the perfect moment and format.

An update on the next wave of marketing technology. Capturing your audience with immersive tech. VR/AR has been there for a while, but the content has been limited.. up to now. We are going to show you how to unlock a Pandora’s box of unlimited content for these new platforms using your existing resources.

As individual and corporate values change, moving from a destructive to a renewables. For businesses, this mean a great opportunity to capitalize on new markets, market trends, customer segments and new territories.

Tech has become prevalent even in the most remote parts of the world, connecting societies and cultures, our thoughts, dreams, inspirations, opinions, likes, dislikes, behaviors, activities, health conditions and even the most intimate feelings are being captured in real time.

Learn how to make sense of this and reach out to your audience at the right time using the right message on the right channel.

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