AM Venture Day

Copenhagen / Talent Garden Rainmaking, Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41
Denmark 22 October 2019
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3D printing will change production as we know it. At AM Venture Day we gather the Nordic startups that push 3D’s next chapter.

All of them explore new ways of applying additive manufacturing to their business. Whether they work within health, robotics or fashion, these founders look to harvest some of the great benefits of 3D-fueled products. From increasing flexibility and speed in the design process to reducing the environmental costs of traditional production.

At AM Venture Day we introduce you to a strong pack of founders that work with the technologies from day to day. We also give you a chance to connect with investors that support the growing ecosystem around industrial 3D printing.

Meet startups like these
Create it real
Atlant 3D Nanosystems

Participating investors
AM Ventures
Nordic Alpha Partners
PreSeed Ventures

About AM Venture Day + Dansk AM Hub

The day brings together the main players + newcomers within additive manufacturing. The day is facilitated by Danish AM Hub, the focal point for Additive Manufacturing in Denmark.

Our goal is to strengthen Danish business competitiveness by promoting the use of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing. Our focus is on small and medium-sized businesses and developing new business models that induce growth, innovation and sustainable solutions.

Danish AM Hub is initiated by The Danish Industry Foundation.

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