ART MACHINE - Drive for life: Rina Green and special guests.

Helsinki / Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki 21 Aleksanterinkatu
Finland 24 October 2017
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The renowned ART MACHINE event series brings together artists and visionaries from diverse creative backgrounds. With past events taking place at the famous RED CLUB in St Petersburg, ART MACHINE has enjoyed strong media support and featured many renowned artists such as the celebrated Finnish band Kemopetrol.

This year Art Machine is coming to Helsinki with the first instalment of the series taking place on 24 October at the legendary HARD ROCK CAFÉ.

The event is headlined by the aspiring London-based trio Rina Green, fronted by the singer-songwriter Alyona, with Eduardo Dolzan on drums and the Russian rock-legend Sasha Titov (Kino, Akvarium, Pop-Mechanics) on bass. Rina Green takes its name from Rina Zelyonaya (ʻzelyonayaʼ stands for ʻgreenʼ in Russian), a Soviet actress and singer.

The name is in dedication to an entire generation of actors who once enjoyed national fame in Soviet Russia but were forgotten in the turmoil of social and political changes at the turn of the century and died in extreme poverty. Heartbeat, the final track from the band’s debut album Universe 25, touches upon this topic with its lyrics: “I’ll be easily forgotten but that can’t hurt one/We’re so easily forgotten but now it’s our turn to make your hearts beat.”

The event will also feature Finnish artists presenting their work and sharing with the audience the deep meanings underlying their creations. One of the trademarks of the event series is that the names of artists will not be announced beforehand and will instead be a surprise.

In addition, the event will announce the startup of a new bold idea that potentially affects everyone and has an impact at the state level.

The project has a significant social aspect. That’s why everyone is invited!
We will invite business representatives, sponsors and thoughtful creative entrepreneurs.

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