Biolab workshop No4

Stavanger / Creator Makerspace AS / 9 Lagerveien
Norway 19 October 2017
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Starts at 6pm

Biolab is continuing the series of workshops that explores bioluminescence - organisms that emits light. This evening will teach you how to grow organisms that glows.
We will also present examples of how artists have approached this technology in their artistic endeavors.

Biolab invites to a series of workshops where we hope to share knowledge by demystifying science, introduce creative practice and let you have some hands on experiments. Our lifescience researcher Ed Asare accompanied with artist Hege Tapio will lead you through the evening. This evening will be followed up after two days so that you may see the result of what you have created. Come join a glowing experience!

Biolab is an open laboratory and workspace for project development, artistic research and learning facility. Biolab seeks to foster engagement to artistic research and projects involving science. By offering knowledge we want to give a better understanding to how technology is affecting our lives - on a practical level, and to all the ethical and moral questions it may raise.

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