Breakfast seminar - Disruptions of Tomorrow by Lynxeye

Stockholm / Fleminggatan 7, Stockholm
Sweden 6 December 2017
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Dagens Media and Lynxeye meet Anna-Lena Wretman, CEO of Swish and Livia Holm, Sweden's CEO at KRY.

In order to maintain or build a relationship with consumers, companies need to earn people's commitment.

With that in mind, Lynxeye conducted the study "Disruptions of tomorrow" in which the Swedes largest consumer problems were investigated. The purpose was to identify the main issues and which brands are entitled to resolve them.

Companies worldwide are increasingly being challenged by new entrants with innovative business models. These can quickly change markets and fundamentally change their conditions.

At the same time, technology giants are expanding their search for new revenue streams into new markets. Companies like Amazon, Google and Alibaba are increasingly challenging the traditional big companies to own the relationship with the consumer. At the same time, increasing industry slides mean that players from nearby categories can suddenly be serious challengers to count on.

Lynxeye and Dagens Media invites you to a breakfast seminar together with Swish and KRY representatives. The companies offer concrete solutions to major consumer problems and have since grown rapidly grown.

Anna-Lena Wretman (CEO, Swish) and Livia Holm (Sweden CEO, KRY) will during the seminar share their perspectives on how the brands quickly became two of Sweden's most relevant.

The background to the discussion is Lynxeye's lessons about companies' major growth challenges and the opportunities ahead.

When: Wednesday 6 December, 8: 00-9: 30 (The seminar starts at 8:30)

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