Breakfast seminar on IoT

Malmö / Jayway, 10 Hans Michelsensgatan
Sweden 13 September 2017
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Tomas Nilsson - Jayway

The seminar is introduced by a hands-on demo of Amazon IoT, followed by a general session giving an overview of the Amazon IoT service components and related services. Next, the MQTT protocol is briefly visited in a live-demo, and the seminar is ended with a deep-dive into the implementation details of the introduction-demo.

Amazon IoT is a service that lets you securely connect your devices to the cloud without the need to host your own gateways or proxies. It handles authentication, data encryption, device handling and integration with other AWS services. Built on top of MQTT, it adds functionality for device state handling called shadows, which greatly simplifies offline device handling.

All attendants will be given a Wemos D1 mini development board to take home. The same board is present in the hands-on demo.

The seminar will be either Swedish or English depending on the audience.

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