Dash Design 2018 - the biggest design hackathon organized in Europe

Helsinki / Kattilahalli, Suvilahti
Finland 12 - 14 October 2018
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A hackathon is a tool for problem solving, where a group of people gathers to find solutions to a given challenge. The word has its roots in software development, but the term is used more than ever to describe intensive, short-term problem solving.

A design hackathon is in many ways like a traditional hackathon, only it's about problem solving using design thinking, and researching the task at hand.

At Dash, we will focus on design process at it's purest, and pay extra attention to the research needed to create innovative and working solutions. We want to create a unique experience where young experts from different fields can meet each other and solve actual problems using well-proven methods.

This event is for everyone interested in design thinking and world-changing. And by everyone, we truly mean everyone – it doesn’t matter whether you are a student or in working life, whether you feel passionate about design, developing or startups, or whether you just find this event interesting and want to see how far your wings can take you.

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