Entreprenörddagen - Entrepreneur's day

Uppsala / S:T PERSGATAN 10
Sweden 1 December 2017
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tickets: SEK 325
register: here

Together with Grant Thornton, we would like to invite you to Entrepreneursdag in Uppsala!

Are you an entrepreneur and / or entrepreneur with a price strategy and budget that you would like to optimize? Then this is something for you!

Entrepreneursdagen aims to highlight important topics that concern entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

The participants meet to discuss a predetermined topic and have the opportunity to exchange experiences. During the event, it is offered on activities in the form of lectures, discussions and workshops linked to the theme.

The theme for the Entrepreneursday is "Optimize your financial performance with the right pricing!". What phase you are in, it's good to stop thinking about it or thinking about it!

Do you feel like you're stopping in the same place or are already on your way to the next stage, then you should sign up! During the day we will have modern theories with practical exercises. We want to help you define and develop your business model as well as your pricing strategy to optimize the company's financial performance. We guarantee that you will be challenged and expand your network of contacts.

Find more details entreprenorddagen.se

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