Fintech 2020 – Trends, Insights & Foresights from the CPH Fintech Community

Copenhagen / Copenhagen FinTech Lab, 7 Applebys Plads
Denmark 21 January 2020
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What are Trends, Insights & Foresights from the Copenhagen Fintech Community

What a better way to Kickstart 2020 than to join this high class event were not only the Copenhagen Fintech Team will share our insights, views, plans and expectation for the coming year but where we will also invite keynotes from our different stakeholdergroups to give their views on fintech trends in 2020.

Speakers will be announced shortly – but we expect speakers from both research, startups, investors, corporates and public institutions to share there views and visions for the coming year.

15.00-15.00    Welcome
15.15-15.30    Thomas Krogh Jensen – Copenhagen Fintech Expectation for 2020
15:30-15:35    The Investor Perspective
15:35-1540    The Corporate Perspective
15:40-15:45    The Startup Perspective: Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thodén, CEO & Co-Founder of MoneyFlow
1545-15:50    The Research Perspective
15:50-15:55    The Public Perspective
15:55-16:20    Panel Debate on the future of Fintech
16:15-18:00    New Years Networking with bubbles

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