Fintech Tuesday: Fintech for sustainability

Copenhagen / Copenhagen FinTech Lab, 7 Applebys Plads
Denmark 28 January 2020
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Welcome to Fintech Tuesday hosted by Copenhagen Fintech and InfinIT, where we combine the knowledge of commercial stakeholders together with the newest research within the technical sciences.

This Fintech Tuesday will be about Fintech for sustainability, where we look at how fintach startups contribute to the Sustainable Developement Goals. For this, we have invited some of the most highly regarded researchers and companies within the area to present their groundbreaking solutionss, current research and industry insights on the use cases of Sustianability within Fintech.
Join us for an afternoon of some of the greatest research, business applications and minds within this area and explore its future potentials for the fintech sector.

16:00 - 16:05 Welcome & Introduction by Copenhagen Fintech
16:05- 16:35 Research Perspective: TBA
16:35-16:45 Break
16:45-17:05 Industry Perspective: TBA
17:05-17:15 Break
17:15-17:45 Start-up Perspective: TBA
17:45-18:00 Questions
18:00 - 18:30 Networking

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