First mining data-centre in Norway - an introduction

Oslo / The Kasbah Hub, Kiellands Hus shopping center (downstairs), Waldemar Thranes gate 72
Norway 12 October 2017
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CryptoOne is establishing the first mining data-center in Norway.
The center is located 1 hour away from Oslo in Oslo Data Location and currently has a total of 2500sqm with 25MW at site, with rapid growth prospects.

CryptoOne will offer the cheapest energy prices in Europe, using 100% green renewable hydropower, and a modular mining system to allow clients gradual growth.

In collaboration with The Kasbah Hub, CryptoOne is working on establishing a community based incubation platform for blockchain startups, to support and encourage the growth of blockchain based companies.

CryptoOne has ambitions to play a significant role in the new and distributed technology

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