Founder Journey: The divinely abundant Heaven Bereket

Stockholm / WeWork, Malmskillnadsgatan 32 5
Sweden 15 August 2019
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How much impact can one person create?

Tonight we get to be part of the unconventional life journey of Heaven Bereket, the superforce growing healthcare and education to Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana - and the heart and brains behind Bambino Foundation and Gebeya.

She is a social entrepreneur, investor, bitcoin enthusiast, trading school founder and teacher, a mother of 2, and the winner of #GeTillbaka scholarship!! It seems like every project and company she starts up is leading up to the next one. Her Bambino Foundation was born in 2011 with the goal to limit the spread of rotavirus infections. Around that time she invested in a pharmacy and from then on 100% profits have been firing up Bambino Foundation. With the passion for trading she also started the Forex and Crypto trading school, where 30% of tuition fees are going into Bambino Foundation as well. Now they not only provide full healthcare for 1 453 children but also fund education and IT proficiency.

Everything she gets her hands on she does it the Heaven way!

She coaches start-ups and is an incredible role-model for thousands of people. Get ready to be inspired!

P.S: Drinks and snacks will be provided

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