Founders Dinner #4

Stockholm / Scandic Park, 43 Karlavägen
Sweden 18 October 2018
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For founders and co-founders only

Connect with other startup Founders over dinner and drinks in a private dining area. - - Only 12 spots total available - -

Introduce yourself and say a few words about your company to the group then we'll discuss any challenges, offer/receive advice, and maybe even brainstorm some new ideas. This special 'roundtable'-style format will create a fun, interesting, productive, and memorable night - unmatched by other events.

To attend you must register here in advance. Only 12 spots total so register early.


Bouef Bourguignon

Högrev, champinjoner, fläsk, lök

Bouef Bourguignon, brisket, mushrooms, pork, onions

Veg alternative:


Gryta med svarta bönor, lök, morot, sötpotatis

Pumpkin, casserole with black beans, onion, carrot, sweet potatoes

Äppel Kompott

Kanel, kardemumma

Apple Compote, cinnamon, cardamom

1 glass of wine/soft drink


All for 50 EUR (and a portion of that even goes to charity)

See you there at 18:40!

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