Future of Credit by Breakit 2020

Stockholm / Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
Sweden 26 March 2020
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The fintech industry is frugal, and one of the most frequently occurring segments right now is credit and loans. Last year's premiere event was, to say the least, a success. So now we put in the next gear and you are warmly welcomed!

Never before have there been so many niche banks offering similar products or automated services to measure consumers' credit levels properly. But despite an innovative and start-up industry, the financial industry as a whole still suffers from tough regulations and a lack of transparency and credibility among the target group.

So how do we really build a strong industry for future loans? And how do we get customers to stay?

To find out what is going on right now, we are organizing Breakit's event Breakit Fintech - Future of credit. A half-day on the digitalisation of the business and technology development of the loan and credit market, where you, as a participant, bring with you inspiration, business benefit and handy tips to take with you directly to the office.

During the day we will cover the following topics:

Trend tension in the loan and credit industry - where are we heading?

We live in a society with overconsumption - is it inflation within the bank loan right now and how can we meet customer demand without the industry losing credibility?

Hand-made and concrete tips on how to get new customers smarter and cheaper!

As a startup in the loan and credit industry - how do you manage to get capital from large institutions?
We are also digging into mobile banking - how do you build a bank from the ground up?

We will have a panel in place that takes up specific cases. You will hear their journey to success and take part in do's and don'ts. Of course, there will also be a lot of networking with industry colleagues, fintech startups and investors.

The event takes place at Epicenter in Stockholm.

Find more details breakit-fintech-2020.confetti.events

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