Gather Festival

Stockholm / Nobelberget, Sickla industriväg 6
Sweden 14 - 16 September 2017
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Gather is a combination of a conference and a festival and hosts some of the world's currently most interesting speakers and artists. It takes place in Stockholm, September 14-16 and is all about connecting diverse minds, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas through talks, cultural events, and objective-driven labs. Gather believes in the importance of collaboration, in creativity, and in the power of thinking differently.

This year, Gather Festival will revolve around five different themes: Human vs Machine, Communication, Economy, Urban Development, Democracy.

The next technological frontier is the merging of human and machine and it is happening now. This theme will explore the tension between nature and technology and discuss both the potential rewards we might gain and the risks we face.

The Next Human
Where do we draw the lines between biology and technology? Are we already turning into cyborgs? This session explores the future of bodies, genetics, clothes, gadgets and the human body’s extraordinary adaptability.

Doing Data and The Internet of Things
As robotics start to take over and automatize our work environment we have to wonder; who are they? How close will they be able to resemble us? What does the development of robotics look like in one of the biggest economies in the world – China?

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