Health Design 2019

Espoo / Dipoli, Aalto University
Finland 15 October 2019
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Health Design 2019 is a strategic health conference for Health, Design and Technology professionals, Architects and Policy experts.


1. Strategy and Design for the Future of Wellbeing:

What are the challenges and opportunities to health and wellbeing in future society?
‍From Nordics to Asia: Time for the Silver Economy?
‍From local to global challenges: Sustainable Development Goals and

2. Beyond? Building the Future: Towards the Architecture of Wellbeing:

How the built environment affects our physical and mental health?
What should the future hospitals do differently?
The Physical and Digital environment. What's next?

3. Accelerating Change and Digital Healthcare:
What are the challenges of organizing  healthcare in the digital age?
Changing care with robots and AI?
How can digitalization and data empower patients and care takers from Hospitals to Homes?

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