How can Norwegian companies succeed internationally?

Arendal / Thon Hotel Arendal
Norway 12 August 2019
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Kick off Arendalsuka with breakfast debate on how Norwegian companies can succeed internationally. Breakfast is served from 08.30 and the event starts at 09.00.

Argentum's market report for the Nordic private equity market in 2018 shows that there is a growing interest in the Nordic region among international players. We attract more capital from the outside of the Nordic region, there are several companies that grow beyond national borders and the quality of the companies is increasing. This helps to build and expand the Norwegian ecosystem for innovation.

The question now is how we can take advantage of this momentum to achieve further growth. What is required by capital, expertise, networks and framework conditions to position us as an attractive innovation hub in Europe, in line with Sweden? And what are the challenges? The theme of this debate is how we secure good framework conditions, so that value creation and forward-looking workplaces accrue to Norway. In other words: How can we better help companies succeed in scaling internationally, while at the same time we as a nation make money from this?


Opening speech (TBC)
Keynote (TBC)
Panel Conversation:
Joachim Høegh-Krohn, CEO, Argentum
Per Ingvar Olsen, Professor of Innovation and Economics, BI Norwegian Business School
Mathias Mikkelsen, founder of the Timing Tool Memory
Bjørn Stray, partner and founder of the Northzone growth fund
Anne Worsøe Bæck, portfolio manager at the developer company Bakken & Bæck
Moderator: Dilek Ayhan, Special Advisor to BI's Rector and Management, former State Secretary of the NFD
Joachim Høegh-Krohn, Managing Director, Argentum
Per Ingvar Olsen, Professor of Innovation and Economics, BI Norwegian Business School
Anne Worsøe Bæck, Portfolio Manager, Bakken & Bæck
Bjørn Stray, Partner, Northzone
Mathias Mikkelsen, CEO, Memory
Contact person: Christoffer Gundersen, Advisor, Argentum, 92082228 ,

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