Martech Nordic 2019

Helsinki / Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten rantatie 22
Finland 19 September 2019
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Martech Nordic 2019 is about new technologies changing digital marketing strategies and enabling smarter, faster, data-based decision-making and execution.
MarTech Nordic 2019 brings together the best digital marketers, developers, merchandisers and e-commerce leaders to shape the future of the industry.
Supercharge your customer strategies, navigate the complexities, technologies and organizational challenges and let the agenda help you assemble a marketing technology stack that deliver exceptional customer journeys and measurable results.
Create a better customer experience and engagement through the convergence of emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Robotics taking your profitability to new and exiting levels.
 – therefore we welcome you and 300 other marketing professionals with a lust for new ideas to join us in creating change and transforming strategies. Prepare for the future by ensuring how to keep your business competitive at MarTech Nordic 2019.

Program - Thursday 19.9.2019

Good morning sunshine! Go grab some coffee & breakfast.

​The Moderator Kick Off

KEYNOTE    Community-driven Storytelling
Roger Hoard, Creative Lead, Airbnb
How successful brands leverage the power of community to deliver their message
Getting a community to rally around your brand
Why traditional marketing messages don’t work anymore
A CMO’s Guide (and Actually Anyone in Marketing) to Tackling the MarTech Madness
Carlos Doughty,  Founder, MarTech Alliance
What actually is martech? Spoiler – it’s a lot more than marketing tools
A practical framework for how to structure your marketing technology strategy and roadmap

 Introducing the MarTech Landscape
Ira Gylling,  Growth Director and Strategist, Avaus
What does the Finnish MarTech Landscape look like and how does it compare to the Nordic/European Landscape
Who are the star players?
What is the industry worth?
​KEYNOTE   Humanisation and Personalisation of Tech Brands in Marketing
Monika Werthén, Head of Marketing at Uber Nordics
Building long-lasting brand loyalty
Creating true brand purpose

​Business Mingle

​Social Video Trends: How to grow and monetize an audience online using data
Emily Morphy, EMEA Sales Director, Tubular Labs
What content are people consuming in the Nordics and where?
How to identify and capitalise on a content opportunity
Trends in Nordic branded content across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

​Why your marketing is passé and growth is the future

 How much is your marketing worth? Don’t trust me, trust the data
Jaime López, Sales & Development, Wärtsilä
From brochures to revenue-generating automated marketing: Wärtsilä’s journey
Five keys to making your organisation a data-driven marketing powerhouse
What’s next in data-driven marketing?

​Lunch time!

​Republic of Performance: Finding Your Cultural Tribe in a Global Marketplace
Martin Karaffa, Senior Associate at Hofstede Insights
CASE: How increasing affluence levels couldn’t predict marketplace success for  Meredes-Benz’s most expensive cars, but cultural differences could
The 9 dimensions of consumer culture
Observations of the growth of specific cultural forces

​Panel: Breaking down MarTech
How different aspects of MarTech correlate, which grow and which don’t
What should be your primary investment
Analytics, data, AI vs. traditional marketing
​Can UX design actually help grow your business? It can – and here's how.
Jemmi Laaninen, Business Development Manager, Sangre
Case: how we helped Buster increase conversion by designing manageable customer journey in their digital space
Why you might need eCommerce even if you don’t sell online
Shit experience = shit data

​Why we need to search for unorthodox data mergers to change the game for better online marketing?
Markku Mäntymaa, Founder, Viomba
How to optimize one's digital ROMI with biometric attention data?
Recent case studies

​From conversation to conversion: how to build business in every stage of the funnel
Fredrik Rönnlund, Chief Growth Officer at Valohai, Chairman of the Board at Leadoo
What you can learn from selling to Fortune500s and SMEs
Why in this modern marketing world, it is worthwhile to build a dialogue with both potential and current customers
How martech tools can enable this dialogue
​Business Mingle

​The not-so-futuristic AI & ML are paving the way to next-generation marketing?

Noelle LaCharite, Director, Developer Audience and Engagement, Developer Marketing, Microsoft
​Sparkles & Mingle

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