Minc Capital Day 2017: Inside the Head of an Investor, How To Get Funding

Malmö / Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3
Sweden 15 November 2017
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Minc Capital Day 2017 is a day where entrepreneurs get a glimpse into the minds of investors and get a better understanding of what different investors might be looking for when meeting new ventures.

A day divided into two parts
To the first part of the afternoon we’ve invited an angel and a VC investor, as well as a former Minc entrepreneur with a track record of successful fundraising, on stage to tell their story. Together, they'll offer a well-rounded understanding of what angels and VCs are looking for when meeting with potential investees.

The second part of the afternoon is limited to invited startups and investors only, and will see the entrepreneurs pitching their ventures. Ten companies give a pitch and a Q&A of five minutes each.

Join the conversation: #MincCD17

13:30 - Welcome to Minc!
In the mind of a business angel – what is important?
Magnus Kenneby, Sequent

In the mind of a VC – what are they looking for?
Sami Niemi, Senior Advisor, Spintop Ventures

Successful fund raising – keys to success
Daniel Melkersson, CEO and Cofounder, PinMeTo
14:30 - Coffee break, mingle and end of part 1

About the speakers

Magnus Kenneby
Sequent, BioLamina, et al
Magnus is the co-founder of Sequent, Biolamina and Funera and early investor in some twenty businesses ranging from Finnish healthcare to Polish wind power and some even weirder stuff in between.
Sequent – the antithesis of angel investing. Acquire profitable, growing small businesses at cash flow valuations. Their first investment group (Sequent I) was sold to Verdane Capital and had a turnover of 900 MSEK and some 100 MSEK EBITDA. They are now building Sequent II.
Biolamina – the markets leading stem cell cultivation tools and a stunning portfolio of research projects. Current top three: Regenerating human hearts after cardiac arrest, long term treatment of diabetes type 1, long term treatment of Parkinson.
Funera – Disrupting a very conservative market (funeral services) by digitization. Exit in 2016.
Notable early investments: Mionix, Minut, Stravito, Planeto, Mediverkko, FIM Group.

Sami Niemi
Senior Advisor, Spintop Ventures
Sami Niemi is a Swedish/Finnish innovator and entrepreneur with his roots in mobile imaging technologies. He's the co-founder of Scalado, which grew to become one of the leading Mobile Imaging SW companies in the world with more than 1.2 billion licenses sold worldwide to essentially all the OEM’s and many of the sensor/chipset makers. The company was sold to Nokia in 2012, and later integrated into Microsoft, where Sami established a 200+ people. Sami is currently engaged in a number of startups as an investor/advisor, serves as a member of the investment board of Spintop Ventures, and has a number of board positions.
Spintop Ventures is a venture capital firm backed by successful tech entrepreneurs and institutional investors, family offices and some of the most experienced private investors in early stage growth companies.
Spintop typically invests in Nordic companies in the ICT or TIME sector (Information and Communications Technology and Digital Media) and often as the first institutional investor, in a stage when the first version of your product and/or service has been launched and achieved some commercial traction.

Daniel Melkersson
CEO and Co-Founder, PinMeTo
Daniel Melkersson is the CEO and co-founder of PinMeTo, the marketing technology that convert online searches to offline customers. The service has been widely used during the last 18 months by large chain businesses together running more than 12.000 locations (stores, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, global offices etc). Customer base includes H&M, Q8 and Scandic hotels and investors backing the company includes H&M and Axel Johnsson.

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