Mobile Heights Corporate Innovation Workshop

Malmö / Studio Meetingpoint, Altitude Meetings, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24
Sweden 28 November 2017
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Mobile Heights Corporate Innovation Workshop

This workshop is a unique opportunity to network, share knowledge with, and learn from other executives in charge of corporate innovation. If you are an executive/ a manager working with innovation in a large company (> 250 employees) you are invited to participate in this workshop.

All large corporations today face the same challenge: How to foster and benefit from internal innovation and intrapreneurship as well as the degree of collaboration with outside entities including startups? The workshop will focus on the benefits and on how to introduce startup methods into a corporate environment as well as the potential to collaborate with other big corporations in converging spaces.

The workshop will be led by Torben Hede, who has a long R&D background in the telecom industry, including being the former Head of Innovation for Sony Mobile Europe. Torben was from 2015-2017 in charge of the Sony NextStep Program that had the purpose to internally incubate and launch several startups with Sony employees leaving the company. He will share his deep knowledge and experience from injecting startup thinking into a large, established company.

For Mobile Heights members the cost to participate in the workshop is only 1 500 SEK per seat. For non-members the cost is 12 500 SEK per seat.

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