Navigating the Twilight Zone of Seed Funding 2020

Denmark Copenhagen / online 28 May 2020
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Are you worrying about your runway? And are you wondering, if there is even any money out there to fundraise after Covid-19 crisis? You’re not alone with these thoughts!

A recent report from Angular Ventures showed that 58% of founders are most concerned with fundraising. And for good reasons. A newly released report from Slush, show that 41% of startups have had their runway cut short and 50% only have 6 months ‘to live’.

It’s time to get in the head of seed investors to prepare for what they’ll be focusing at in 2020 and what they want to see from startups in the current climate. With that in mind, we have brought together a panel of leading seed-stage VCs around Europe, to share their thoughts and answer your questions about their investment activities – now, and in the near future.

Meet the international panel:
Anders Bach, Investment Manager at PreSeed Ventures
Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp
Jacqueline van den Ende, Partner at Peak Capital
Michele Foradori, Investment Manager at BlackFin
Sanna Westman, Investment Manager at Creandum

We hope that by joining forces, we can add some pieces to the puzzle of raising seed rounds in the new era of Covid-19. We’ll be asking these brilliant people questions like:

🌀 Will their focus change?
🌀 Will the milestones and metrics they expect of a seed stage company be different, and for how long?
🌀 Are VCs slowing down investments and when have they last signed a TS?
🌀 Which scenarios should startups plan from? How early should they start fundraising, and with how long runway?

If you’re burning up with other questions for the panel, send them at or ask during the LIVE Q&A session ✏️

The event is free to attend, but signup is required.

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