Norrsken Sessions #8 - with iZettle CEO, Jacob De Geer

Stockholm / Norrsken Foundation, Birger Jarlsgatan 57c
Sweden 16 October 2018
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Join Jacob De Geer at Norrsken Foundation on the topic of democratization of payments in this interactive session.

Jacob de Geer is a Swedish serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of iZettle, the fast-growing mobile payments company that lets anyone take card payments and manage and grow their business.

Jacob has driven iZettle from startup in 2010 to its $2.2bn acquisition by Paypal in May this year. Just how do you grow a fintech startup from nothing to unicorn in 8 years?

Join us as we learn more about Jacob's journey, what's next for both iZettle and him personally and what impact on the world a payments company can really have.

After speaking to Jacob, we will be joined by Norrsken House members, fintech startups Ponture and Steven and payments multinational, Visa as we explore the challenges facing the next big fintech startup and what collaboration between startups and large organisations can bring to innovation.

Norrsken House Sessions is an interactive experience, where we invite you as an audience help us shape the conversation. Meet founders and entrepreneurs from all over the world who will share their story and their perspective on how we can build things that make the world a better place. During the evening you'll be part of an inspiring conversation followed by food, drinks and mingle.


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