Pitching To Investors by Stockholm Entrepreneurs

Stockholm / SUP46
Sweden 11 June 2019
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Pitching To Investors by Stockholm Entrepreneurs is an event for entrepreneurs, startups, students, etc.

Part 1: Hear from our panel of investors to see how to best position yourself or your company to get investors involved, get funded, and get moving. Learn what you need to do to receive funding for your startup or your idea. Our panel is a group of successful investors/VCs, dedicated to the formation and growth of startup companies. Plus, an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Part 2: Then, watch as the companies we’ve selected each do their 5-minute pitch to our panel of investors. Learn from their techniques to help prepare yourself for a future pitch! (Want to pitch? Contact the organizer.)



Event to be moderated, in English, by Peter Fosso (from USA; Founder of Global Music Project, NetMusic Entertainment Corp, and Stockholm Entrepreneurs)

Join us along with a panel of investors to discuss:

• What do investors look for? What’s the mindset behind their investment decisions?

• How should an entrepreneur get the attention of a VC?

• What should a startup have in place in order to impress investors and make them want to commit?

• How does an entrepreneur know whether to pursue VC funding, investment from an angel, or crowdfunding?

• Learn these things and more + get your questions answered

• Then watch several companies pitch to them

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