PreSeed Academy #13: Go-to market plans in B2B startups - hunting mice or elephants?

Copenhagen / Matrikel1, Højbro Plads 8
Denmark 29 August 2019
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Building a succesful go-to market plan in a B2B startup is not just radically different from B2C startups but also radically different and complex within various types of B2B or even B2B2B businesses.

Navigating the customer landscape from small SMEs to giant corporations is complex and as a small startup balancing a sales and marketing setup that can handle the needs of both types is very hard. You need to really consider and test your customer segmentation and decide whether you're going to hunt tiny mice one after another or go after few but huge elephants or even whales.

The choice is vital for you to align and balance your sales and marketing accordingly - everything from lead conversion to onboarding and customer success will vary substantially. And it will not least have a huge impact on your key metrics.

We will dedicate this talk to help founders navigate the complex landscape of go-to market in B2B startups and look into questions like:

How does it affect the distribution strategy if you are chasing mice or elephants?
Difference in decision processes
What do you do as a startup if you are chasing elephants and where do you start?
How and when do you know you are on track?

More details on agenda and speakers will come later.

We can already reveal that Mikkel Noesgaard, Co-owner and CMO in Cardlay, will be joining us to share experience from building a sales and marketing setup in a complex B2B2B setup with large corporations as partners.

With previous positions as e.g. CMO in Telenor and CEO in CBB, Mikkel is a great capacity with extensive experience both from working with huge budgets in big corporation and from scaling sales in small companies like Cardlay or CBB back in the days.

As always Nicolaj Højer, business angel, serial entrepreneur and lecturer will lead the troops.

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