PreSeed Academy #16: Go-to-Market tactics in B2B - hunting mice or elephant

Copenhagen / Matrikel1, Højbro Plads 8
Denmark 14 November 2019
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This talk helps B2B startups figure out whether to sell to SMEs or enterprises and accordingly find the right distribution strategies.
About this Event
Building a succesful go-to market plan in a B2B startup is not just radically different from B2C startups, but also radically different and complex within various types of B2B businesses. You need to consider, test and tweak customer segmentation to find the right fit for your product in a sales and marketing setup that can be scaled. One of the big questions is whether you're going to hunt down small preys - like mice or rabbits - one after another or if you'll be more successful going after the big kills - the elephants or whales.

The choice is vital to align and balance your strategy and go-to-market tactics. Accordingly, your entire funnel from lead generation and conversion to onboarding and customer success will vary substantially. And not least, it will impact your key metrics radically.

We dedicate this talk to help founders navigate the complex landscape of go-to market in B2B startups. More specifically, we look into how you get started and how it affects startups' distribution strategy if chasing mice or elephants:

Difference in stakeholders and decision processes between different types of customers
Different sales and marketing strategies - and their impact on LTV/CAC
How and when do you know you're on track?
To help us shed light on these critical questions, we'll as always have experienced founders from the PreSeed Ventures' portfolio on stage.

This time around we'll welcome the born salesman and business developer Maximilliam Frimmer, CMO and co-founder of Likvido. Maximilliam has been around the startup block more than once and as many other experienced entrepreneurs he also tried going bankrupt with his first startup Monera. Not because of a lack of customers, but rather because the ones present didn't pay. In this talk, Maximilliam shares his experiences and failures in deploying different go-to-market tactics in the SME space.

And to share experiences from the other end of the scale, more specifically how to intice the big corporate elephants, we'll have Mikkel Christian Sørensen, CEO and co-founder of Omnio. He knows that selling a product to big industrial clients entails long and exhausting sales cycles, which can easily kill a small startup almost before it has begun. However, with his experience from positions in Maersk Drilling combined with Omnio having heavyweight customers including Danfoss and SAS Institute, he also knows what it takes to succeed in the matter.

As always PreSeed Ventures' trusted partner at PreSeed Academy, Nicolaj Højer Nielsen will lead the troops. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, business angel and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, and will introduce the topic of go-to-market strategies in B2B.


17.00 - 17.15: Welcome

17.15 - 17.25: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen (Business Angel): Introduction

17.25 - 18.10: Maximilliam Frimmer (Likvido): Go-to-market strategy when hunting SMEs

18.10 - 18.35: Break - snacks and drinks

18.35 - 19.15: Mikkel Christian Sørensen, (Omnio): Going to market in the enterprise segment

19.15 - 19.30: Q&A session

19.30 - 19.40: Key takeaways

19.40 - 20.00: Stay for good talks and beers

The event is free to attend. Due to the limited number of seats we’re enforcing a no-show fee: If you have signed up but do not show up, we will invoice you 200 kr.

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