Robot Uprising 2019: Artificial Invaders [hackathon]

Helsinki / Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten Rantatie 22
Finland 11 - 13 October 2019
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Experience the Biggest Story-driven Robotics Hackathon in the World! 🤖 ⚡

Robot Uprising is a 48h long robotics hackathon that gathers together AI experts, robotics enthusiasts, mad scientists and futuristic designers from all over the world to Kattilahalli, Helsinki, Finland. 📍


Robot Uprising Artificial Invaders consist of 3 tracks that combine hands-on robotics gaming, puzzles and storytelling. We offer you a futuristic robotics experience and the opportunity to shape the future with us.⚡

▪️TRACK 1: Artificial Invaders: Strategic AI Battle
Ten brave and talented teams are accepted to a two-month competition culminating in a one-weekend showdown where automated robots will fight for the supremacy of the Robot Uprising universe. First pre-challenge and game design simulation was released 19.6.

▪️TRACK 2: Robot Uprising: Hack the giant maze
Become the conqueror of the massive, twisted robotics maze! In this track challenges range from path finding to transporting objects and dodging obstacles using computer vision.  Be faster, smarter and better than all the rest!

▪️TRACK 3: Future Visions - Futuristic Design Challenge
Future Visions is aimed to illustrate the wild solutions of the world of tomorrow in meticulous detail. It is meant for all those interested in what happens after fiction is removed from science, whether your point of view is technology, science, design, society, or psychology.

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