Show & Tell CPH by Founders

Denmark 9 August 2019
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Sick of slick presentations and pitches? So. Are. We. Inspired by the good people at Demodag and our own weekly 'Beers, Peers, Cheers' events, we're hosting Show & Tell CPH: Show off what you built, meet new people, have a delicious drink.


1 meetup per month[ish]
5 x demos per event
7 minute slots

Founders teams + guests
Crowd of builders & makers
Splendid views + delicious drinks

No presentations or sales pitches.
Show something you built, hacked or launched. It could be a prototype, design concept, campaign, new feature or a new project. Progress is better than perfect ;)

Designers, developers, growth hackers and all product people welcome to come show something or just attend.

register here.

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