Slush Small Talks in Stockholm

Stockholm / Skyddsrummet fest & eventlokal, 25 Söder Mälarstrand
Sweden 23 October 2017
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Slush Small Talks, arrives in the heart of Sweden on October 23.
Slush Small Talks are about intimate gatherings for startups and tech talent to meet top-tier international investors, executives and media who shares the passion to further empower the local and vibrant startup ecosystem.
The event is about bringing the local community together to understand the current state of technology and what is in store in the near future.
The theme of the Small Talks in Stockholm is focused on stories about successful projects and collaborations between corporations and startups, as well as bringing companies from different industries together to foster innovation.

The four key takeaways of the event will highlight:

Best practices and showcases of corporate and startup collaboration.
Best practices of CVC’s (Corporate Venture Capital).
Corporate innovation from a startup perspective.
How to become a desired partner for a growth company.

Speakers and agenda of the event TBA.

See you in Stockholm!


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