Startup Brand Sprint

Oslo / Mesh, Tordenskioldsgate 3
Norway 28 - 29 November 2017
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Startup Brand Sprint is a complete session over two days. We start at. 11 on Tuesday, November 28th, and ends at. 13 on Wednesday, November 29th.

Here there are many discussions, lots of practical workshops, guidance and result-oriented training. Our goal is to leave us after these two days with a clear brand in the portfolio.

There are entrepreneurs, and there are entrepreneurs. They are able to see opportunities where others see challenges, those who want to change the world we live in and those who want something that no one else has ever had before. Either way, everything should start somewhere, and it's precisely this beginning that is often crucial to future success.

We meet startup companies all the time, and while the ideas can be amazing, we often see that many people jump right on the development of the products and services, and possibly on the logo and "slogans". What most often lacks is an overall focus on strategy, positioning and branding. Simply focus on why you exist, what to get and how to do it.

It is not strange. Initially, resources are scarce, time is even scarce, and one has to focus on what makes the company survive - at least short-term.

This we want to do something about. So join us on two intensive days with a workshop at MESH!

Welcome to the startup brand sprint, in collaboration with thebrand project *

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