Startup Day: Pitching back

Oslo / Mesh, Tordenskioldsgate 3
Norway 14 November 2017
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Have you ever doubted your own pitch? Ever thought of pivoting as a bad thing? Ever wondered if you should stick firmly to your business plan even when things are looking grim?

On Tuesday November 14th we are bringing in four heavyweights from the Norwegian startup scene. They will tell you their stories, pitch their worst AND best investor decks and talk about why pitching matters. It will give you an honest and unique look into how successful startups are built, step by step. This is interactive story time, for startups - by startups.

It’s Pitching Back.

You will meet Unacast, Huddly, Xeneta and Fuse, all seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the VC game.

Have they shook up their business models, value propositions, solutions and strategies? What impact did it have on business? Investor relations? Customer feedback? Internal fear and doubt? Revenues?

1200: Registration + food and drinks
1230: Opening notes // Jørn Haanæs, Oslo Business Region
1240: Unacast // Kjartan Slette
1305: Huddly // Heidi Frost Eriksen
1330: Fuse // Jacob Nordan
1355: Xeneta // Katherine Barrios
1420: Open roundtable talks with each company.

We will facilitate roundtable discussions with all four startups after the presentations, giving you plenty of time to ask questions and get schooled.

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