Stress Control and Scientific Meditation workshop

Helsinki / The Shortcut, 16 Lapinlahdenkatu
Finland 12 February 2019
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Stress affects negatively your physical and mental health, and meditation has been proved to be a powerful weapon to combat it. This workshop is designed to make you understand and apply science-based tools you can use in your daily life to manage your stress levels.

What will you learn and experience

During this workshop we will introduce the biological principles behind the stress response, and you will learn and go through simple but powerful techniques to control your daily life stress. We will also help you understand and feel the power of scientific meditation with a deep body and mind relaxation exercise.

About Scientific meditation

Just like there are different ways to exercise your body there are also different ways to practice meditation. In this workshop we will go through a kind of meditation which is not spiritual, it doesn’t require to “empty your mind”, neither to chant a mantra sitting in the lotus position. Instead, this meditation (also known as dynamic meditation) is based on visualizations, similar to the one used by top athletes to improve their sport performance. Thus if you can dream you can meditate. Sorry for just killing your “I can’t meditate” excuse!

About the coach

Fernando Guerrero (PhD and coach ACC) is the founder of Soturi Coaching. His mission is to help people improve their wellness and performance. He practices and promotes what he calls "meditation for rational people", where meditations are explained and guided in a way that even non-meditators (non-spiritual people) can follow and enjoy. He is also a biohacking enthusiast.

When and where

February 12th, 5:00-7:00 pm at The Shortcut Lab (inside Maria 01, entrance 15 B)

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